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Sunday, December 8, 2013


DATE 8-12-2013

God has created us so that we may continue with his creation plan.

There are so many things that God wants to do through us and it is until we recognize that He needs us in this creation plan that we are  going to get serious and what we should do.
God is not going to impose his will on us but we should know that he is waiting on us to take a step of faith and move in His perfect will. God did not create us to be copycats/phocopiers but to be creators just like he is-in His own image.

He wants us to be original and to produce original. 

What should you do to create?

Judges 6:11-16
Gideon's Example

  • He was the least in  father's house(Joash)
  • He tested God's will for he was not sure whether it was God speaking to him  or not
  • He later became a warrior and defeated the Midianites and the Land of Israel enjoyed peace for 40 years of his reign
  • He became Israelite's fifth judge

Steps to take

1.    Do not despise yourself /your potential/your background/ your education/ your status

2.    Do what you are doing at the moment with the whole of your heart

3.    Know that God sees the complete you and not half of you. He knows you from beginning to end

4.    See yourself as God sees you-Mighty warrior, man/woman of strength

5.    Walk with God daily and do not depend on your own strength for you need him

6.    Fight the good fight and do not give up

7.    Be confident just as Gideon was even if you are not 100% sure

Aim at being the real you that God created you to be and not copying other people who even if given 100 years on earth you might never math them. Just like an ear cannot be a feet even if trained to walk by the best sportsmen on earth, so can't you be someone else.

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